Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Outdoor Activity Reflection

I went to the Igidae park in my out door activity class. It was a fall, the weather was cool and the sky was  blue. At first, we arrived in the parking lot that places had lots of cars. After getting out of a car, we walked a trail next to the sea. The sea looked like peace pool and it took about one hour. After walking, I was hard, but felt happy.


Monday, October 10, 2011

Narrative Paragraph

When I was a University student, I liked to go to the movies with my friends. One day, I went to the movie theater in Nampo-dong. I don’t remember the movie title, but I thought the actors spoke in English. I sat at the back of the theater with my friends, next to a foreigner. I noticed that the foreigner and I were laughing at different scenes during the movie. We Koreans smiled at some parts, but the man did not smile. When he laughed a lot, we never laughed. At that time, I was shocked by the different responses, because we watched the same movie! I understood I didn’t listen to the English and just read the Korean subtitles. I wanted to listen to the original movie in English myself without subtitles, so I determined to study English someday.
From last year, I have studied English happily, so someday I hope I would watch many movies without Korean or English subtitles.

Monday, September 26, 2011

About Me

1. Pororo cake
This picture was taken at a cooking class in Home plus. On December 23rd last year, my daughters and I were making Pororo cake for Christmas. Pororo is a famous animation character in Korea, called “ The Children’s President”. She really liked making Pororo cake. The cake was delicious, but the shape was not good. She was very proud her cake when my family ate that.

 2. Yokohama, Japan
I went to  Japan this January with my university friends.Last year was the 15th anniversary of when we met in Busan National University of Education. We went to Yokohama harbor on the first day. That place also live my sister, so I met my sister’s family. It’s a wonderful view of the night.
My sister also lives there, so I met her family.

3. Yokohama China Town
I also visited China Town in Yokohama. It’s near Yokohama Harbor. It’s the first open harbor for other countries in Japan. The view looked like Europe. There were many kinds of food, clothes, and things from China. Those markets were decorated with red color with dragons.

4. Disney Sea
My friends and I went to the Disney sea next to Disney Land. The scenery was peaceful and lovey. We went into the amusement park in Disney sea, but there were many people in a long line. We waited a lot, finally we rode some exciting rides there, We took many  photoes in front of beautiful flowers and buildings.

5. Odaba History Gage
The last picture was taken at Odaba History Gage in Odaba. There were many old cars from many countries. It looked like old Japanese back streets and had many people, especially men. The car was small and old, but we never touched it and never got into the car. I heard that car was important in car history. After 3 months later, Japan had a big earthquake. I saw Odaba and Disney burning, It was very sad to me.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My TTP Courses

I am taking the following courses as part of the PUFS Teacher Training Program.
CALL, Classroom, Cultural Understanding, Drama, ER, Fun, Fun, Games, Idioms, Listening, Activity, Pronunciation, Speaking, Survival English, TLS, TRW, Writing